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A photograph captures a moment in time ... to be remembered and enjoyed for a lifetime.


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Photographer Thunder Bay

Capturing a great photo is really only the first step to creating that special image these days.


Photographer Thunder Bay


Much of the work and creativity can happen post capture.






Photographer Thunder Bay




Photographer Thunder Bay


It is difficult to put a price on a great photo ...



Photographer Thunder Bay

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Time has a way of slipping through our fingers like sand. Why it seems like only yesterday that you were being  admired as a tiny baby, cradled in the arms of your proud parents. Now you have grown up and have met the love of your life and are busy planning the myriad of details of your special day. All that planning for a single day in your life that will fly by so very quickly! Special days like this, will create many fond memories for you, your family and your guests. Photographs are a lasting way of preserving and easily sharing all these precious moments ... some fleeting moments you may miss in real time; some often happen while you are looking the other way ... As a professional photographer, I am poised and ready, anticipating and capturing as many of those special moments as possible.

A photograph captures a moment in time ... to be remembered and enjoyed for a lifetime.

“Your wedding is a special milestone in your life
and deserves to be creatively preserved! ...”

The creative process is a cooperative effort between you and your photographer. This is why I believe it is important for me to spend time getting to know you the bride and groom before the wedding and together, we plan the wedding locations and the style of photography that best suits you. This makes you feel at ease on the wedding day and enables you to become actively involved and excited about the creative process of originating truly unique wedding images.

Photography Styles...

My natural style of wedding photography tends to be formal, with a relaxed and natural feel. Some clients may prefer a more candid style and I am able to adapt to this as well.

I can use a professional digital camera for my wedding photography for superb image quality. It is very flexible for formals or for the more candid portions of the wedding where I value its fast handling capabilities to be able to keep up to all the action  happening.

Black and white has also become very popular in recent years for that nostalgic look. With the advent of digital photography, it is now possible to create any number of combination B&W/colour creations. Capturing a great photo is really only the first step to creating that special image these days. Much of the work and creativity can happen post capture.

Natural Lighting...

I enjoy taking advantage of natural lighting wherever possible for the most natural look. Many photographers tend to rely heavily on their camera flash because it is quicker and easier to do, but the results tend to look artificial.

Natural Environments...

I find I am most creative when I am free to explore various natural environments, as opposed to the more artificial studio environment, where one wedding has a tendency to look very much like the next wedding. People also seem to be more relaxed when they are in an environment that feels natural to them. Natural environments, combined with a natural lighting style, results in a combination that is hard to beat. So if you are looking for exciting alternatives to traditional studio photographs, you have come to the right place!

The Wedding Album Planning Process...

Assembling together that unique one-of-a-kind wedding album should be a planned process that deserves the assistance of your photographer. I offer my assistance to custom design your unique wedding album. This unique service comes with no extra charge. Collage pages (photos on photo backgrounds) are popular these days and can be done for some or all of the album. After the wedding album design session, my clients often remark that they couldn't imagine doing it any other way. I also include a special form with every album that makes it very easy for anyone to order pictures based on the pictures seen in your album.


Of course you want to know "how much ..." everybody does. Unlike many other commodities you will shop for for your wedding, professional photography is an art form and as such, price is not the only factor to be considered. Consider also the artistry, skills, professionalism and experience of the photographer, their level of service and of course their personality. These too are very important factors in determining your overall level of satisfaction. Of the many commodities and services you will spend money on for your wedding, most will be consumed on the wedding day. Your wedding album will remain a treasure for a lifetime and beyond.

For wedding packages and other pricing information, send an e-mail to:  Within a minute, you should first receive a copy of your request, followed within a minute or so by another special e-mailed "auto response" with more information, along with a special link to download my actual wedding photography pricelist. 

Wedding Bookings...

The majority of my wedding bookings are made 9 to 18 months prior to the wedding date. However, if your wedding is coming up sooner than that, still give me a call and I will check the date for you. The majority of weddings in this part of the world are booked from late May through early October. I will consider doing a "destination wedding" in the off season.

Wedding Day Schedule ... or how long does it take?

For bride's house coverage, I generally arrive 2 hours prior to the ceremony time, so plan your hair/makeup appointments, etc. accordingly. Groom's house coverage (if desired) begins 3 hours prior to the ceremony time.

I recommend that you plan a minimum of 4 hours between your ceremony time and reception time. After the ceremony and after we arrive at the photo location, I need a minimum of 1.5 hours of actual shooting time for the formal photos.

Courteous, Professional Service...

I treat my clients as I would like to be treated ... with courtesy and respect. I arrive at a wedding dressed as a professional. A wedding is a formal event and unprofessional appearance and/or conduct is inappropriate.

Contact Me...

Give me a call at (807) 768-1480, or e-mail me to check my availability for a wedding date, ask questions, or book an evening consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours truly,

Murray Metcalf


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Wedding Photographer Thunder Bay

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